Monday, August 22, 2016

My first online class for resume keywords is live!

This class was designed to help people who have been emotionally or intellectually paralyzed with what to do when it comes to their resume keywords.

If you have ever thought, felt or said you needed help with resume keywords; this is your class.

It is the “what-to-do” and “how-to-do-it” program on resume keywords.

You will learn how to source and prioritize resume keywords for your set of experiences.

There are approximately 30 minutes of video divided into 2 to 3 minute segments. It is online so you can start immediately.

No credit card, no payments, no money. Free.

Change your resume, change your destiny.

To your best resume yet,


Dirk Spencer
Recruitment Adviser & Author

Named to the Top 25 Resume Building Career Blogs

My book made a 10 Must Buy List… so this was a cool thing to happen in 5 months…

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Read the book previews on Amazon:
http://www.Amazon.Com/dp/0692525602/ - Resume Psychology – Beat the Machine - The Candy Maker Resume – Resume Hacks - 2 “commercials” on this page

Resume Psychology Resume Hacks & Traps Revealed: Resume Hacks & Traps Revealed - Beat the Machine. Be Seen. Get Hired! – Amazon World Wide:
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The Candy Maker Resume – Resume Writing Hacks - Amazon World Wide:
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United Kingdom -
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