Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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For the people who suggested this at the last lecture; thank you for the suggestion. Let me know how this works out... Dirk

Mini-Billboards on LinkedIn - Using Pictures to Post Jobs & Share Leads

Think Like a Search Engine Find User Groups for Leads:

Freelancing Online (e-Lancing):

Using LinkedIn for Job Search:

Interview Psychology - Preparation Attracts Offers:

The Candy Maker Exercise:

Resume Psychology - The Resume Playbook:

Resume Kiss of Death (K.O.D.) - Killing Vague Resume Content:

Finding Open Jobs with Job Boards:

Your Resume Action Plan - Resume Boot Camp:

Resume Psychology – Get the Offer lecture 2011:

To your best resume,

Dirk Spencer
Recruitment Consultant
Author of Resume Psychology & The Candy Maker Resume

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Also available on Amazon.Com USA and world-wide for Amazon Canada, China, Japan, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Australia and India my first book Resume Psychology Resume Hacks & Traps Revealed- Beat the Machine. Be Seen. Get Hired! (ISBN-10: 0692525602 and ISBN-13: 978-0692525609 print and Kindle eBook)

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This link is to the print version of The Candy Maker Resume on Amazon.Com

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