Thursday, September 22, 2016

Resume Keywords Decided & Demystified - Article on Recruiter.Com

Stop Calling Yourself an ‘Entrepreneur’ – and Other Resume Keyword Tips From a ‘Resume Psychologist’

"Stop-calling-yourself-an-entrepreneur-and-other-resume-keyword-tips-from-a-resume-psychologist/" is a rather long URL so here is that link.

Technically, this is my first feature article - ever. 

This is based on my 3rd book ResumeKeywords Decoded & Demystified in paperback and eBook on Amazon.Com
The book wrote it self as it was based on my first online training class by the same name. You can take the class here; it is free. There is a podcast and video course. The same content on each. The video course is 30 minutes divided into 2 to 3 minute segments. The podcast is me talking...

The editor of Recruiter.Com, Matthew Kosinski did the interview. Matthew asks questions no one else has. It forced me to think and hopefully the answers are helpful. People need to use keywords on the resume to tell a better story and to be more competitive. My goal is to teach everyone how to find their's with confidence. 

To your best resume yet, 
Dirk Spencer
Websites for Dirk
www.DirkSpencer.Com – Dirk’s recruiting experience - Book list with overviews - Free online resume keywords class… free…

Dirk’s Books
Interview Psychology – Preparation Attracts Offers
(Late-September 2016)
This book will be the prep work to formal interview training. It reviews skills people must internalize to maximize their interview performance.

Resume Keywords Decoded & Demystified
Taken from the online class by the same name. People learn “what-to-do” and “how-to-do-it” to find their resume keywords. The book includes quality check and tie-breaker questions to select the right resume keywords.

The Candy Maker Resume – Resume Writing Hacks
This book explains how to take a failed resume from zero to hero. You work through a Candy Maker’s resume (Sara Elf). You learn how to develop resume content from scratch helping the Ms. Elf.

Resume Psychology (RP) – Beat the machine. Be seen. Get hired.
My first book which I wanted to sub-title: “The Science of Writing Resumes.” It is an insider’s guide to breaking through the resume black-hole with insights to the people, processes and technology impacting the modern resume.

Media Mentions for Dirk
Resume Keywords Decoded Feature Article

Named to the Top 25 Resume Building Career Blogs

My book made a 10 Must Buy List… so this was a cool thing to happen in 5 months…

Fix Your Feed on LinkedIn Already – Get the Experience You Want

Resume Cheat – Re-Entering the Workforce

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Resume Keywords Decoded & Demystified – Amazon World Wide:


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