Friday, January 8, 2016

What is Your Goal?

The goal should be to land a job, right?

This means you want to create a resume far and above the norm.

During my presentation series I would ask this question: “Who wants an interview?”

The hands would go up in the air automatically.

Then I would ask: “Who wants a job offer”?

You could see the confusion in the faces of the attendees.

You could see the confusion in how their hands would flex up and down not knowing which outcome was better.

Your goal with the resume should be to attract offers instead of interviews!

This line of thinking does not sit well with everyone.

There are recruiters who have said: “Dirk that is crazy. I have never hired a candidate solely because of his resume.” And my response has been: “Maybe that’s because no one has written a resume to that level.”

Obviously this means my bias has taken over.

But there had to be a better way for people to compete through their resume.

Which begs the question: how can you combine reach-ability, readability, and relatability strategies to make your resume work for you?

How can you write a resume strong enough to garner jobs rather than interviews?

Landing a job takes a certain amount of warfare.

That makes your resume a form of propaganda. Make it count.

This is where Resume Psychology (RP) comes into play.

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