Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mini-Billboards on LinkedIn - Using Pictures to Promote Your Availability

One of our recruiting industry leaders went off on a few people a few weeks ago regarding LinkedIn posts.

More accurately, she cautioned people to mindful of their comments on those math quizzes, well-endowed and zero-percent fat model posts.

Her concern was simple: comments on these posts might result in LinkedIn professionals not receiving job offers.

All of this transpired while I had accidentally done something useful using LinkedIn posts to help a few people in search.

I created a Dirk-Billboard or Mini-Billboard which is essentially a photo-based post.

These people received a lot of views and at least one person netted 4 warm leads for a job.

It is tool early to tell if this approach makes a significant difference or not; but several recruiters have reached out for how-to instructions so I created a slide deck here:


If you are on the bench - this might allow you to land more recruiter conversations.

If you have job openings - this might allow you to attract more eye-balls on your requisitions.

To your best resume,

Dirk Spencer
Recruitment Consultant
Author of Resume Psychology & The Candy Maker Resume

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