Thursday, March 3, 2016

What Does "Proven Leader" Mean?

This comes in on a lot in resumes and LinkedIn profiles: "proven leader."

What does that mean?

Or the accountant who wrote: "A goal oriented and highly analytical..."

No kidding. This would be considered the "norm" for any hire in this position.

BUT - do recruiters or hiring managers search on any of these vague and empty terms? No. Not ever.

Recruiters and hiring managers need to understand who you are and or what you do... specifically.

I would consider using a job title and terms which makes people think "oh, we need one of those here."
Not think "what?" or worse... have them decide to block the resume or x-out the profile from their LinkedIn.

In recruiting - I could call myself things like:
- A talent magnet
- Search wizard
- Sourcing ninja
- Human capital detective
- Research renegade

We had a LinkedIn post regarding recruiter job titles. One comment was: "Say "Sourcing Ninja" again. SAY "Sourcing Ninja" again! And I dare you, I double dare you... Say "Sourcing Ninja" one more time.

The point? We know recruiters are not using these fluffy or puffy job-titles or terms to find other recruiters.

They look for "recruiter."

What "words" are people using to find you?

Excuses are not an option. Stop blaming "them."

Start digging into your profession for specifics in places like:
- Table of contents
- Glossary
- Industry dictionary
- Lexicon
- Conference speaker topics
- Syllabi (syllabus) to a college course
- Continuing Education course outline

If you are looking for work, using LinkedIn, the text needs to be understandable and void of hyperbole or marketing hype to come up in our searches... get serious about being specific. Your odds of being seen will go up exponentially.

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