Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Questions For Hiring Managers - Potential Insights

The answers to your professional interest questions initiate a relationship irrespective of an offer or not.

Some of those insights could include:
• Attribution bias of the manager; is success self-made or made by working with people

• If they have healthy work relationships and or the political skills to prevail at the company

• Their mentors, if they had any and or if they mentor others currently

• Validation of work-life values as presented by the company

• Insights to which parts of the job they enjoy and which parts might they delegated

• If they are attached to the work, people or company or something more personal

• If they might be in a transition phase down, across, up or out of the company

Beyond a better understanding the hiring manager, the candidate creates a context for keeping in touch if they are not selected for the position!

This is helpful as networking with professionals is the fastest route to new employment.

The mistake most candidates make is focusing solely on the job piece - the short-game to the exclusion of the long-game.

People can be sympathetic to a candidate's need for a job.

But... they would rather treat the candidate as a professional who has an agenda, a consistent business persona, some self-awareness and "stones" big enough to move from the short-game to the long-game effortlessly.

Generic question list coming up next... Dirk

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