Thursday, February 11, 2016

Questions For Hiring Managers - Checking Your Field Position

Waiting to know where you stand after an interview can be difficult.

Learning to ask questions about your standing or determining how large the candidate pool is takes guts and preparation.

While you cannot ask all of these questions, you can apply 1 or more based on the context of your interview.

If you are interviewing with multiple individuals or multiple groups of people; using different questions with each may create insights to your potential for an offer.

Mastering questions similar to these may be a good starting point:
• Do you have referral candidates scheduled to interview?

• Are there any friends or family who will interview for this position?

• If am not offered the job at an appropriate time should I reapply in the future or consider other companies?

• If am not offered the job, would you consider me a I silver-medalist candidate or a distant runner-up?

• Candidly speaking, what would keep you from offering me this position besides [other interviews / just starting / pending internal referrals]?

• What position would you recommend me for if my experience does not align with your needs? Are their contacts in the industry you can introduce me to?

• Do you have any friends outside the company who might be a fit for this position?

• Who outside the company is the go-to-person for discussing openings like this?

Using questions like this breaks the norm. Few candidates come in to an interview this prepared or bold.

It takes guts and is full of risks.

It will likely alienate the hiring manager. They may feel answers to these questions is confidential or would undermine the process.

Why? Some hiring managers have been sand-bagged by groups of candidates coordinating their interview efforts. This experience can make them slow to sharing information and many of them have been trained to be vague by HR or legal.

And while I can mention the risks, many of you will be thinking:
- Nothing ventured, nothing gained
- It is my chance to understand how big the playing field is
- I need to know if I am in the running

Whatever your decision - be prepared by being well rehearsed. Over-learn the content. Memorization alone will fail you.

You have achieved an over-learned condition with the material when you realize you have had "dreams" about it.

Do not skip this step - if you are going to go for it; be prepared.

The next post for this series: a list of questions for hiring managers on one page.

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