Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Questions For Hiring Managers - What NOT to Ask

Questions to NEVER ASK a Hiring Manager During an Interview
• What kinds of career paths are available for a person in this position?
The meta message is negative. The hiring manager will be concerned their position is a stepping stone in your career plan. No one likes their job opening being treated in this fashion.

• How many paid holidays are there?
The meta message is you are selfish individual. This question is part of the on boarding process with HR or part of the negotiation process if there is offer. The thought is if days-off is the focus, you are not likely to be dedicated to the work at hand.

• Can I work remotely?
Assume most of your co-workers have kids and cars so the occasional vehicle repair, teacher holiday, snow-day allows some sort of work from home under those unusual situations.

Asking this question this early only creates a negative impression. People want to assume you have your personal life under control. Do not give them the least little seed of concern.

• Did I get the job? (Or variations of "How did I do?" or "When can I expect an offer")
The meta message is desperation, based on an internal focus; your needs over their's.
This is a really bad impression to create.
It is nearly impossible to be rehabilitated from this question with some hiring managers.

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