Monday, February 8, 2016

Questions For Hiring Managers - Generic Questions - Make Them Your Own

Here is an abstract or generic hiring manager question inventory.

Most of the questions are self-servicing for the candidate. They do not engage the hiring manager.

There is a the risk of alienating the hiring manager who may not be allowed to answer the questions honestly.

This may force them to deflect an answer.

Deflecting an answer is not a difficult thing to do at all. But socially, it is unpleasant. It is not a fun to do.

Why do you care about their comfort-level? The negativity they feel can become associated with you which works against offers.

Minimize your risks by asking the minimum number of questions you need answers.

b>Hiring Manager Questions – Abstract / Generic Inventory
• What happened to the previous employee?

• How long as the position been posted?

• Does the manager hire for culture or technical fit?

• Which experiences or technical skills matter most for the role?

• What are the challenges facing the role (budget, labor, process, technology, or regulations)?

• What are the characteristics of a successful hire for this position?

• Who are the competitors locally, nationally and why?

• What are company costs or expenses trending up, down or remaining flat and why?

• Describe the company: culture, values, guiding principles impacting the job.

• Company projections: above or below expectations; expanding or contraction and why?

• What changes internally created this position (promotions, exits, or re-organization)?

• What changes externally created this position?

• Is the company revenue up, down, flat and why?

• What are the work-styles of the bosses, peers, teams and other departments?

• How long ago was the position budgeted?

• How long was the position opened employees before going to the public?

• How many internal candidates have interviewed?

• What have been the primary mistakes of other candidates who have interview with you previously?

Make these questions your own by rehearsing what you decide to ask aloud. This develops the vocal patterns so the question sounds natural.

You have rehearsed them enough at the point you "dream" about the questions in your sleep?

Next up - positioning questions in a crowded field.

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