Thursday, February 25, 2016

The 3-Rs of Resumes

The resume is a game of three distinct items: reachability, readability, and relatability.

Reachability may sound obvious and simple, but on a regular basis people submit their resume without their name, without their phone number, and most regrettably, without their email address.

No one is using the US Postal Service to reach candidates in the age of the Internet.

Most recruiters are not going to spend the time to research how to contact a job candidate if the information is missing.

If the contact information is not easy to come by on a resume, the recruiter is simply going to move on to the next candidate.

Resume readability is all about structure.

A resume should have easy to read content, a consistent layout, and simple formatting.

Photographs, graphics, and fancy word processing tactics are distracting.

Sometimes the best-qualified candidates have the most difficult resumes to read because they use the resume to show off their word processing chops, rather than to communicate their skills effectively.

Relatability is all about how a candidate presents their experience.

Is the presentation too formal, too stiff, or too vague?

The most qualified candidates do not automatically receive interviews.

It is the candidate who finds a balance to their presentation on the resume and can bypass the traps associated with resume automation.

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