Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Great Interview! No Offer?! The Painful Truth

You do not have the experience they want. They want "agency" or "IT" or "aviation" or "big 3" and you do not have any.

You know it. They know it. Everyone is on the same page knowing you do not have "that" secret sauce of experience. 

But they schedule the interview anyway. You accept.

They confirm. You re-confirm.

You are on-time, prepared. 

You feel it was a great interview.

They call with bad news. 

You are not a fit. You do not have "that" experience they listed. 

You are a little surprised, right? They knew. They said they loved your "other" experience. 

But they rejected you for not having "that" experience - but they knew ahead of time, right? Everyone discussed it.  

Why would they interview someone and not make an offer based on the very reason they knew was missing from the start? 

Who does that to people? 

How is the lack of "that" experience still the deal-breaker?

Why would they do this in the face of a great interview?

... Because it was not a great interview ... 
  • You said something dumb in the interview.
  • You took the bait by being too familial.
  • You revealed too much about the after-hours-you.
  • You made a statement which sounded like a job-demand.
  • You talked about passion instead of skills.
  • Your free-spirit is really too quirky for paying job.
In the worst case scenario - they were worried they could not manage your you. Your personality-type. Specifically, how you presented yourself. 

And they cannot tell you because we have all been burned before trying to be honest, trying to help someone become more self-aware. 

Take your lumps and decide to master the interview process. Work with strangers who can be brutally honest with you so you can elevate your interview skills. It can be learned. Go find your teacher. 

To your best resume yet,

Dirk Spencer
Recruitment Consultant
Author of Resume Psychology and The Candy Maker Resume

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